Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 513 - An Undercover Agent Who May Become the Commander-In-Chief

It was really fate.

There were only five people in the Straw Hat Pirate.

However, three of them had seen Uehara. Nami and Sanji had a complicated impression of him. Luffy, this brainless person, had always been defending Uehara.

Luffy looked at Nami, then looked at Sanji. He tilted his head and thought for a while, and then his mouth murmured.

“I don’t care.”

Luffy sat angrily on the sheep’s head of the Going Merry, “Sister Makino said that although he robbed you of your money, Uehara is indeed a good person. You will know when you see him in the future!”


With a cigarette in his mouth, Sanji slowly said, “It would be good enough if that guy acted as a human!”

“Okay, let’s stop…”

Usopp had never seen Uehara before. He suddenly mentioned another thing that Mihawk mentioned before he left, “By the way, didn’t Hawkeye say that the person called Uehara would come to East Blue soon? Will we meet him…”

“Then we can’t delay any longer!”

Uehara’s smiling face flashed across Nami’s mind. She punched the railing of the Going Merry and added, “I want to go back to Cocoyashi Village and tell Nojiko. Then we will set off to the Grandline!”

To tell the truth…

Nami still wanted to see Uehara, but she was afraid that Uehara would snatch away the money she had painstakingly saved up. Moreover, that Marine captain Nezumi was also extorting her money. Who knew if Uehara would snatch the money again?


According to that person’s vile character, he would definitely snatch it, right?

In fact, Nami was thinking too much. When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Cocoyashi Village, Uehara was still on his way from the New World to the Marine headquarter, Marineford, because Sengoku wanted him to report in person.

And if he wanted to enter the first half of the Grandline from the New World, he could only go through Fishman Island or through Mary Geoise.

According to Kizaru, he naturally hoped that there would be less trouble. What if Uehara was humiliated by a Celestial Dragons and directly destroyed Mary Geoise?

So, it was more convenient to take Fishman Island’s route.

After all, Fishman Island was Akatsuki’s territory.

Kizaru touched his chin and looked at Uehara, who was standing in front of him. He smiled and said, “If we pass by Fishman Island, we can meet Mr. Kisame.

Speaking of which, the World Government has been very satisfied with the Shichibukai from our Akatsuki for the past few years because they have fulfilled the responsibility of Shichibukai…”

“I won’t go to Fishman Island.”

Uehara shook his head and slowly said, “I want to see the Holy Land Mary Geoise. Are the World Government’s Five Elder Stars not interested in seeing me?”


Kizaru could not help but touch his chin. His eyes gradually became a little erratic. Does the leader really have no idea in his heart?

The Five Elder Stars are the highest leaders of World Government. How could they come to see a mere Marine captain? Even if a Marine Admiral wanted to see them, it was not easy…

“Forget it.”

Perhaps because he had stayed in Wano Country for three years, Uehara’s character seemed to have improved a lot. He just looked up at the approaching Red Line and sighed.

Uehara slowly said, “It seems that we can only meet when Mary Geoise is reduced to a pile of ruins!”


Kizaru’s expression was a little subtle. He slowly said, “It might not reach that point… Maybe we will see each other very soon!”

After saying this, Kizaru continued, “When we return to Marineford, Mr. Uehara has done a good job of being an undercover agent in Wano Country. He will definitely be promoted…”

“It has been almost three years…”

Uehara sighed faintly and said, “These three years of life are simply not human beings can live…


Kizaru’s expression became even more subtle.

This Admiral grinned and revealed a strange smile, “Is it the life of a god? Mr. Uehara is originally a god walking in the world… Speaking of which, did something interesting happen in Wano Country?”

“It’s nothing.”

Uehara frowned and did not want to talk to Kizaru.

The reason why Uehara was in a bad mood was not because of the matter of Konan and Kaguya but because the entire Akatsuki Organization was getting bigger and bigger.

In the Akatsuki Organization, some factions began to emerge.

Among them, the emerging hawk factions were naturally members of the five great ninja villages, such as the Fourth Raikage. They believed that the ninjas were used to the power system of this world and had enough strength to invade this world gradually.

This was because the growth rate of the ninjas would continue to rise. However, the land in the ninja world could not be distributed by the five great ninja villages. They could only think of a way to develop in the new world.

This was also in line with Kaido.

Whether it was Kaido or Doflamingo, they all agreed with this proposal because they also wanted to take a share. The entire Akatsuki Organization was so powerful that it did not want to rule the world and just stayed in a small place like Wano Country to have children?

Since there was a hawk faction.

Naturally, they will also give birth to some doves.

Led by the Admiral and Kabuto, the three Admiral were actually all doves in the Akatsuki Organization. They followed the rules of a stable transition and didn’t want too much upheaval in the world.

If possible…

It would be best to let Wano Country join the World Government and gradually take over the World Government’s power through these spies.

What nonsense…

During these three years, the three Admiral gradually got used to the rules of the Akatsuki Organization. In order to gain enough voice, Aokiji asked Noco Robin for advice more than once and made some small ideas.

For example, to win over the peace faction of the Five Great Ninja Villages.

For example, secretly wooing and provoking those Vice Admirals who were not used to the way the World Government behaves, waiting for the day when he would let these Vice Admiral join the Akatsuki Organization…

According to Aokiji’s division of strength, the strength of the Vice Admiral was not low and should be enough to join the Akatsuki Organization to become a real member.

Marine Headquarters…

There was a lot of such Vice Admiral!

If all of these Vice Admirals could join the Akatsuki Organization, they would be more than half of the Five Great Ninja Village members in the Akatsuki Organization!

In the future, if Akatsuki really wanted to rule the world, then these Vice Admirals would be the key to the marine seizing the right to speak in the Akatsuki Organization!

Now, the relationship between the three of them has become a little weird, and they will meet in private from time to time.

In the internal meeting of the Akatsuki Organization, the actions of the three admirals would often be led by Aokiji. Aokiji was doing it because Akainu’s words can easily offend people.

If they were discussing the matter of the Marine in Marineford…

Akainu and Aokiji, these two people, will definitely quarrel.

In addition to Hawk and Dove, there were also a group of centrist members in the Akatsuki Organization, such as Konan, Kaguya, Black Zetsu, Art Pirates, Kakuzu, Kisame, and others…

These people have many key votes in their hands.

No one can ignore them. Some of these centrists’ strength was not strong, but they were the earliest members of the Akatsuki Organization and held unshakable voting rights.

Anyone who wanted to convince this group of members who are in a semi-retired state with no desires was as difficult as persuading Uehara Naraku to be a good person.

Just as Uehara was still lost in his thoughts, they finally arrived at the Holy Land Mary Geoise at the top of the Red Line.

The residence of The World Nobles, Celestial Dragons.

And also the World Government.

Due to the fact that Mary Geoise was located in a strategic location, most people had to apply to the World Government if they wanted to pass through. Of course, Kizaru, as a Marine Admiral, naturally did not have this kind of restriction.

“The location of this city is really good…”

Uehara looked at the scenery of Mary Geoise and frowned, “When we destroy this city in the future, I will rebuild a new city here!”

A strange smile appeared on Kizaru’s lips as he hurriedly said, “If Mr. Uehara doesn’t want to destroy Mary Geoise at this time, don’t say such dangerous words in this place…”


Uehara looked up, and his eyes fell on Kizaru’s face, “Borsalino, do I look like the kind of person who speaks without restraint?”

“Of course not.”

Kizaru shook his head slowly and explained, “I’m just a little worried. If any Celestial Dragons dare to offend Mr. Uehara…”

“It’s fine.”

Uehara stretched out his finger and pointed at his head, “I will forgive those brainless bastards. After all, I am a very generous and lenient person…”


Kizaru nodded without changing his expression.

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In all seriousness, as long as the members of the Akatsuki Organization were not stingy with their loyalty and carried out their orders seriously, Uehara was indeed very generous.

Kizaru could only hope that the Celestial Dragons would know a little about things…

However, it was just a coincidence.

When they entered Mary Geoise, they met a Celestial Dragon riding a pirate slave and walking toward them. A group of guards in black suits followed him, looking arrogant.

The style of the World Nobles was indeed different.

Even Uehara could not help but be a little envious. Just an ordinary Celestial Dragon, his style was bigger than the leader of the Akatsuki Organization!

“Hahaha, it’s Borsalino…”

This Celestial Dragon knew Kizaru.

Because if something happened to the Celestial Dragons in the sea, the first one to go to support them was Kizaru. This was also one of the few people that the Celestial Dragons could trust.

However, when the Celestial Dragon’s gaze swept past Kizaru and slowly landed on Uehara next to Kizaru, this strange young man.

There was a clear flash of anger on the Celestial Dragon’s face. He immediately reached out and pointed his pistol, “Hey, lowlife, how dare you stand in front of me…”


Uehara’s gaze froze slightly.

“Saint Charlos.”

Kizaru could not help but interrupt the Celestial Dragon. He slowly reached out his hand and stroked his chin, “We still have something to do and have to leave this place first. Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Vice Admiral Kabuto have important matters to attend to and want to see him!”

“Hahahaha… Kabuto’s people?”

Hearing Kizaru’s words, this Celestial Dragon’s eyes suddenly flashed with a bright light. He slowly nodded and said, “Then I’ll reluctantly let him go this time…”

After saying that, this guy, who was originally arrogant, led his guards and slaves away.

Uehara watched him leave, took out a small notebook from his body, wrote a name, and then asked, “Is Kabuto very popular among this group of bastards?”


Kizaru watched as Uehara wrote Charlos name in a small book. Obviously, the ending of this name should not be too good. Kizaru could not help but grin, “Didn’t Mr. Uehara say that his memory is very good…”

“A good memory is not as good as writing it.”

Uehara put away the small book and continued to ask, “Kabuto is just a Vice Admiral. Does he have any face in the eyes of the Celestial Dragons?”


Kizaru shook his head and spread out his palm. “Staff Officer Kabuto is not an ordinary Marine Vice Admiral. Now he has received the support of the Five Elder Stars and part of the Celestial Dragons. These normal Celestial Dragons have no way to deal with him, and they will not deliberately target Staff Officer Kabuto…”

Now, Kabuto had multiple positions. The highest commander of the World Government Enies Lobby, the highest commander of the World Government CP Organization, and the highest commander of the Marine SWORD unit. The Marine Vice Admiral and Marine Staff Officer have become the smallest positions.

In addition, the Special Science Group under Kizaru also supported Kabuto. Now, Kabuto had almost touched all the departments.

When Kizaru said this, the smile on his face gradually became a little strange and complicated, “According to the current situation, it is very likely that Staff Officer Kabuto will become the next World Government Commander-in-Chief after General Kong retires…”

This position…

It was even above the Marine Fleet Admiral.

“Are you kidding? Kabuto has only joined the marine for three years, right?”

Uehara was full of question marks. If this was true, wasn’t Kabuto’s spy promotion path a bit too ridiculous?

“No, it is true…”

Kizaru shook his head and couldn’t help but smile, “Because Fleet Admiral Sengoku and the Five Elder Stars often have some conflicts. Fleet Admiral Sengoku is also very old, and it will be difficult for him to succeed General Kong in the future.

What’s interesting is that because Staff Officer Kabuto officially succeeded as the top commander of the CP organization under the World Government the year before, he was more likely to understand the meaning of the Five Elder Stars than Fleet Admiral Sengoku.

The Five Elder Stars would very likely bypass the rules of promotion on the side of the marine and promote Staff Officer Kabuto to the new World Government Commander-in-Chief.

Although there was no doubt that Staff Officer Kabuto would become World Government Commander-in-Chief in the future, he would probably be forty to fifty years old at that time…


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