Chapter 501 How Would You Be Able To Run The Business This Way?

Chapter 501 How Would You Be Able To Run The Business This Way?

"There must be a misunderstanding here!"

Emilia quickly stepped forward and tried to help the man up. "The price we set is actually not high!"

"The actions of the Leo Group have nothing to do with Davis Cosmetics!"

"This is because we do not have any business deals with the Leo Group!"

All of this news was released by those from the Leo Group only.

She had done her best for the Leo Group. On the contrary, Fernando Walter wanted to put the dirty hat on her head. How could she allow this to happen? 𝞰𝑜𝓋𝑬𝐥𝑛𝗲xt.𝑐𝗈𝑀

"Miss Davis, I no longer have the courage to get up!"

"Because of my daughter, my wife keeps calling me a useless bastard and wants to divorce me!"

"I can't even protect my own woman. What right do I have to stand up?" The man cried out in despair.

"I know what I'm asking for is too much, but….."

"But ..."

The man's words were filled with the helplessness of a middle-aged man!

He still had to take care of his wife and daughter.

He could no longer see the future in his career, and darkness was the only thing left in his life.

In fact….

Did society only consist of rich people?!

This was the real society!

Men don't shed tears easily! It's just that they haven't been pushed to the brink of being broken.

In fact, Oliver Walker had cried before. He looked at the remains of the soldiers who died in Indiana. Some of them did not even have the time to leave a will.

There were even some corpses that were torn apart!

Who were they?

Who was it for?

Thus– –

"Miss Davis, please have mercy and forgive our unreasonable request!"

"Please, Miss Davis!"


Instantly, more than half of the people present got down on their knees!

If those rich people only wanted to look good, they would not have the trouble of removing scars.

The ordinary people in front of them represented true helplessness and pain!

"You ... You guys…."

Emilia said with a heavy heart, "Please get up!"

However, no one stood up. They knew that this request was obscene.

But it was their only hope!

They needed a product that was effective enough to remove scars but at a low price!

"I never thought of releasing the actual price of it so early on.

"But today, I'll give everyone a heads-up. The price of the Heavenly Doctor Beauty Mask will not exceed 100 per piece!"

As soon as these words were said, the power was no less than a depth bomb, directly detonating the entire scene!


"A hundred for one?"

"It will not be more than that?!"


These words did not make these despairing people feel any excitement!

They couldn't believe what they had just heard!

From 200,000 each to less than 100 each?


"If You set the price so low, would you still be able to earn any money from it?"

The middle-aged man crying at the beginning gulped, and his eyes were dull.

Perhaps this was the only time the user community worried that the manufacturer would not make money by setting such a low price!

Perhaps it was a stark contrast to the previous price that was set!

With such a low price, everyone would be able to buy them!!!

After all, people experiencing poverty really needed it to remove life-threatening problems! It wasn't for cosmetics use!

"I, Emilia Davis, hereby promise all of you!"

"Everything that I say now is true!"

"You don't have to worry about whether I'll be making a loss. I can only say that I would definitely make a profit from this, and it would be more than enough to cover the cost of manufacturing them."

"The Heavenly Doctor Beauty Mask will officially launch in Davis Cosmetics tomorrow!"

"But, I'm hoping that all of you would be able to help me keep this a secret for today."

The main reason why it was not on the market now was that it was not ready yet. They still didn't have enough products in stock yet.

They would be wronged if they ran out of stock and were accused of hunger marketing!



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