Debuff Master

Chapter 259

Chapter 259

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…

Siegfried and Brunhilde were kissing as a swarm of flies buzzed around them.

Moments later, Brunhilde looked down out of embarrassment and hid her blushing cheeks.

Badump! Badump! Badump!

Her heart was racing wildly against her chest.

Meanwhile, Siegfried’s heart was beating wildly as well at the unexpected experience.

He looked down at the princess’ face, and his heart raced even further.

The slight pinkish blush on her milky-white skin made her look indescribably cute.

Siegfried was inwardly conflicted. ‘I shouldn’t do this…’

He finally mustered up the courage to say something, “I—”

“Please do not mind it,” Brunhilde interrupted him.

“Pardon me…?”

“You are my savior, and I love you.”

“T-That is…”

“I know that you’re pushing women away right now due to various reasons.”

“I’m sorry…”

“You do not have to apologize,” Brunhilde smiled and said before she continued, “I do not mind if you have your own issues and have to stay away from women or if you end up with someone else later on.”

“What do you mean by that…?”

“I will always be here loving you, and I will be here waiting.”

“Waiting for what…?”

“For Siegfried-nim to come to me or at least… until it will be my turn.”

“What?! W-What do you mean by your turn?!” Siegfried shouted out of shock before waving his hand and said, “Why would you wait for your turn with someone like me? No, I’m not worth making someone wait in the first place!”

“It is obvious.”


“You’re a king, Siegfried-nim.”


“It’s common for human kings to marry many women.”

This was Brunhilde’s way of saying—I will love you for the rest of my life!

She was prepared to stay single for the rest of her life, waiting for Siegfried even if he married someone else. She was willing to line up once Siegfried opened up to the idea of marrying women.

Of course, the best-case scenario was Brunhilde becoming Siegfried’s first wife.

I will wait and keep waiting. I am an elf, so I can live for hundreds of years just like you. You will be alone after a few decades, even if you marry someone else, so I just have to wait a few decades for my turn to come. I will love you until my turn comes…!’?Brunhilde thought. She didn’t make the decision out of impulse. She made the decision while thinking about her lifespan as an elf compared to the average human.

This is?what humans?call to hold on for dear life, otherwise known as HODL!’?she clenched her fist while emitting a triumphant air. Besides, it was not like she had any other choice aside from this, as no elf was going to agree to marry her, anyway.

Haha… Hahaha…” Siegfried was profusely sweated after seeing the determination in Brunhilde’s eyes.

It was great that Brunhilde was willing to understand and wait for him, but Siegfried knew that what she really meant by that was that she wouldn’t give up on him no matter how long it took.

This is quite bittersweet… What are you going to do if I decide to quit the game, Brunhilde-nim? I will have to quit playing one day and… Well, it’s more likely that the server will close before that, but anyway…’?Siegfried thought.

And that was why a relationship between an Adventurer and an NPC was dangerous.

Once the servers shut down, you’ll disappear along with it, right, Brunhilde-nim? Like a dream… Like a mirage…’? Siegfried suddenly felt his heart ache for some reason when all Brunhilde did was place her hand on his shoulder and smile brightly at him.

Oh, right, we don’t have time to be sitting around like this,” Siegfried said while looking in the direction where the Elondel Main Forces were fighting the Niflheim Forces.

“Y-You’re right! The main forces will not hold out for much longer!”

“This should be the retreat path judging by the terrain… Am I correct?”


“Then, I think we have secured the path, so…”

“We should go rescue our allies!”

“I will go myself,” Siegfried said.

Then, he turned around and shouted, “Seung-Gu!”

“Yes, hyung-nim!”

“You take care of things here. This is an important place, so make sure you blast any enemy that shows up to smithereens!”

“I understand, hyung-nim! Are you thinking of going to rescue the main forces fighting over there?” Seung-Gu asked.

“Hey, Seung-Gu…”

“Yes, hyung-nim?”

“Do you still don’t know me?”

“W-What do you mean by that, hyung-nim…?”

“I’m talking about my style.”

“W-What about your style, hyung-nim…?”

“Who knows?” Siegfried replied before flashing a sinister smile.


The Elondel Forces surrounded by the Niflheim Forces were close to experiencing the worst defeat in their history and were on the brink of annihilation.



“This can’t be happening—Kuheok!”

The soldiers and knights fell one by one after letting out a scream.


“This will be the last day of your lives, vermins!”

“You lot should’ve gone extinct a long time ago! Die! Die!”

The dark elves triumphantly laughed while trampling on the elves.

There was nothing the elves could do about their current predicament. The Niflheim Forces had completely surrounded the Elondel Forces, and they had sent more soldiers in the direction where Brunhilde had left to open a retreat route.

The Elondel Forces were now on their last stand.

Meanwhile, the King of the Elves was fighting the King of the Dark Elves. The Niflheim Forces had already won the war, so the duel between the Masters was the finale.

Clang! Clang! Clang

Lohengrin’s sword and Credos’ saber clashed numerous times, sending sparks flying everywhere. Their weapons were surrounded by dense mana, and they were emitting a glow similar to moonlight.

Aura Blade!

Only Masters could wield Aura Blade…

“Your skills haven’t gone rusty at all, Lohengrin. Kekeke!” Credos sneered, and then he added, “Your tactics and tricks didn’t work this time. You should’ve just fought on the frontlines like a true king. How does it feel to drive your entire race to extinction? Keke!

“Shut your mouth…” Lohengrin growled.

However, there was nothing else he could say aside from that. Credos was despicable down to his bones, but Credos was right.

T-to think that the day I’ll hear these words from Credos would come…!’?

There was nothing he could say. His impatience and folly had led to the ruin of his entire army. He couldn’t help but wonder about what would have happened if he had put his troops in a defensive formation and pretended to be on the battlefield while rushing back to Elondel to deal with the Terramorg.

There was a saying about how someone who got burned once would get startled at the sight of a spark. Who could have known that the trauma from four hundred and fifty years ago would make him commit such a grave error?

Hoho! Why don’t you just hand over your head? There’s no point in struggling. Your army is on the brink of annihilation, and Elondel will be in ruins! Look around you, Lohengrin! These poor elves are all dying because of you!”


“You killed them all, Lohengrin!”

Credos seemed to be playing mind games on Lohengrin before swinging his blade.

Perhaps that was the reason, but…


Lohengrin was slowly getting pushed back.

Keke! You can’t be tough like me since you’ve never been in that position! The guilt is probably eating away at you by now! You’re probably distracted by guilt, and that guilt will be the death of you!’?Credos smirked sinisterly.

It was needless to say that the difference between the two Masters’ concentrations would be the deciding factor here. Most fights at their level would usually end up being decided by a thin margin, and the winner would be the one with higher concentration.

Credos was well aware of that, so he relentlessly attacked Lohengrin with words.

“What are you fighting for? Don’t tell me you believe that your daughter will open up a path for you to retreat? Kekeke!

“What…?” Lohengrin’s eyes shot wide open after his daughter was mentioned.

“What do you think happened to your daughter by now?”

“Shut your mouth! My daughter will not fall into a trap laid by someone like you!”

“Do you really think so?”


“You brought in the humans—no, Adventurers, right? What happened to our pact of not bringing other races to the Eternal Forest?”

“That’s only to maintain the balance of power!”

“Nah, I have no idea what balance you’re talking about. However, I do know that those Adventurers won’t invade the Eternal Forest…”

“T-That means…?”

“Your daughter has probably been captured by the Adventurers we hired and is being humiliated by them right now! Bwahahaha!

Lohengrin’s face turned pale at those words. He knew that Credos was not bluffing. He already knew from the start that securing a path of retreat through the Niflheim Forces would be a difficult task.

It was highly unlikely for Brunhilde to succeed in securing the point, but she could definitely escape if things went wrong. Therefore, Lohengrin decided to put his faith in his daughter. After all, his daughter was on the brink of becoming a Master as well.

On top of that, the battle between the elves and dark elves had been ongoing for thousands of years now, so he was able to calculate the probability of Brunhilde’s chances of success, which gave him confidence.

However, what if a third party suddenly interfered? And what if the third party were those Adventurers known to possess strange powers?

N-No! My daughter!’?

Destruction. 𝗇𝒐𝑽𝗲𝑙𝐍𝞮xt.𝗰𝑜𝗆

It would be a miracle to pierce the Niflheim Forces’ lines, but what if a group of Adventurers went after Brunhilde?

There would be no hope for her at all.

“Hey, did you know,” Credos said before he swung his saber.


Lohengrin staggered after losing his concentration.

“I have a brilliant.”




“I will make your bitch of a daughter…”


“Bear my child…”


“Shut your mouth CREDOS… Aaaaah!”?Lohengrin screamed and swung his sword.

Unfortunately, he was forced to the ground with blood spurting out of his thigh.

Credos distracted Lohengrin by talking about Brunhilde before despicably stabbing Lohengrin’s thigh. It was a wound that could prove fatal to the King of the Elves.

Keke!?Finally!” Credos laughed triumphantly. He raised his saber high and was about to swing it toward Lohengrin’s left arm.

It was then.


However, flames suddenly manifested across the battlefield.

Fwaaaah! Fwaaaah!

Whooosh! Clang!

A mace suddenly flew out of nowhere and blocked Credos’ saber.

“King Lohengrin!”


Siegfried and Brunhilde appeared out of nowhere and stood between Lohengrin and Credos.

“B-Brunhilde! Son-in-law!” Lohengrin exclaimed.

Whiiish! Tak!

Siegfried caught his +15 Gaia’s Fist and said, “We have secured a retreat route. Please retreat at once.”

“There’s no way that those dark elves will easily let us retreat!” Lohengrin retorted.

“No, they will be forced to let us go,” Siegfried said before hurriedly adding, “I’m a bit busy, so we don’t have time to chat around right now.”

“What do you mean…?”

Credos suddenly shouted, “Why is that bitch here?!”

He was surprised to find Brunhilde standing in front of him when she should have been in captivity. She should have been beneath those adventurers by now.

“You should be—” Credos muttered in disbelief.

Siegfried cut him off and said, “Why don’t you ask about your daughter first?”

He took out Magic Sword: Venom from his inventory and showed it to Credos.


“Aren’t you curious what happened to your daughter?”

“Don’t tell me…”

“This hair… Who did it belong to…?” Siegfried feigned ignorance while pulling off a lump of hair and scalp clinging to his +15 Gaia’s Fist.


Credos slammed his saber to the ground, and his eyes shot wide open in horror. It took him less than 0.1 seconds to fully understand what Siegfried meant by his words and actions.

“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Credos screamed at the top of his lungs and lunged at Siegfried.

—All forces, retreat! All forces, retreat!

An announcement suddenly echoed from the Niflheim Forces’ headquarters.

—I repeat! All forces retreat at once!

—An unknown air force and a group of Adventurers have ambushed our home!

—All forces retreat at once and protect our base!

The undefended home of the dark elves, Niflheim, was currently under attack.


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