Doomsday: with unlimited warehouse system

Chapter 271 The Wand Of The Wasteland

Viola looked at the Dongpo pork still steaming with heat. She picked up a piece of succulent meat and placed it in her mouth. The meat melted on her tongue, combined with its rich flavor, it instantly melted Viola's heart.

"It's so delicious!" Viola had never tasted such food before and couldn't help but exclaim. Seeing the dignified queen of the Kui tribe react like this, David couldn't help but shake his head and chuckle.

At the same time, David's attention shifted to the plate of exotic meat in front of him. He wondered if he could extract something from these semi-cooked exotic meats. So, he gently placed his palm over them and focused his mind.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully extracting a trace of Beast Soul!]

The system's success notification surprised David. He was merely trying it out, not expecting to actually extract something from these semi-cooked exotic meats. But what was a Beast Soul?

David thought about it, and the system provided an explanation:

[Ding! Beast Soul is a resource in the Wasteland World. It can enhance the physical body of exotic beasts and unlock their latent potential!]

[A large quantity of Beast Souls can allow exotic beasts to break through their innate levels and become Asura-level exotic beasts!]

[Asura-level exotic beasts are divided into ten ranks, and each rank requires a different number of Beast Souls!]

David nodded inwardly and had a thought: I wonder if Beast Souls would have an effect on Cola and Little Black. The system's response indicated that they would.

This excited David somewhat. This way, Little Black and Cola could break through the innate levels of post-apocalyptic exotic beasts and become Asura-level exotic beasts.

Regardless of whether it was for the Embers team or himself, this was a favorable option. Thus, David intended to take advantage of this opportunity and extract more Beast Souls. He placed his palm on the exotic meat in front of Viola.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for extracting five strands of Beast Soul!]

Viola was deeply engrossed in her Dongpo pork and didn't pay any attention to David's actions. David asked her, "Where do you usually slaughter and cook these exotic beasts?"

Viola raised her head and absentmindedly answered that it was done in the innermost kitchen of the cave. She then continued savoring her meal. Watching a woman who had no resistance to Dongpo pork, David stood up and walked straight to the kitchen. Inside, he found various exotic meats hanging and even a few mutated crocodiles locked in cages, glaring fiercely at David.

David couldn't help but smile. These pieces of meat were clearly not exotic meats; they were Cola and Little Black, the supplements for Asura-level exotic beasts within the city!

Walking up to a piece of exotic meat, David continuously triggered his extraction ability.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for extracting a strand of Beast Soul!]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for extracting three strands of Beast Soul!]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for extracting ten strands of Beast Soul!]

The system's success notifications kept ringing in David's ears. In no time, David had extracted all the Beast Souls from the exotic meat. He then shifted his gaze to the two mutated crocodiles. Unlike other exotic beasts, these crocodiles were extremely massive and emitted a much stronger aura. It was obvious they weren't ordinary-level exotic beasts.

The moment David entered, the mutated crocodiles had been staring at him, treating him as a Kui tribe member who had captured them. They exhibited a fierce demeanor. David extended his palm toward one of them.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for extracting a fragment of the Wand of the Wasteland!]

"The Wand of the Wasteland?" Hearing this unfamiliar name, David paused for a moment. Then he saw a shining fragment appear in his palm. David carefully examined it and found that it was an incredibly smooth piece, as if it held some kind of power within. Holding it gave a heavy sensation.

"The Wand of the Wasteland?" Hearing this unfamiliar name, David paused for a moment, then he saw a piece of shining fragment appear in his palm. David carefully examined it and found that it was an incredibly smooth piece, as if it held some kind of power within. Holding it gave a heavy sensation.

"The Wand of the Wasteland ,Unveil the secrets of the wasteland, surpass all in the wasteland!"

"One hundred fragments can be exchanged for The Wand of the Wasteland!"

Two lines of translucent text appeared before David's eyes. It was then that he understood that the so-called "The Wand of the Wasteland" must be a treasure within the post-apocalyptic world. It could reveal some of the world's secrets and command all things. It might even be more powerful than the Heart of the Zerg spoken of by the old man.

David placed the fragment into his system's warehouse and then extracted another fragment of The Wand of the Wasteland from the other mutated crocodile.

After completing all of this, David returned to where the others were.

At this time, Viola had also finished devouring a portion of the Dongpo pork. She looked at David as he came out, her eyes eagerly fixed on him, as if one serving hadn't satisfied her. But as the queen of the Kui tribe, she lowered her head in embarrassment. This feeling surprised her; she never thought that she would show such behavior in front of a human.

David didn't pay attention to Viola's strange expression and simply returned to his seat, even though his system's warehouse was stocked with plenty of Dongpo pork. David knew that anticipation could make someone willingly give everything. He intended to use the level of the base and this small serving of Dongpo pork to make Viola completely submit.

After a while, Viola regained her usual noble demeanor. However, her gaze toward David still held a hint of anticipation.

"Next, take me to find those zombie monsters," David said to Viola after consuming a genetic fruit to restore his stamina. Viola nodded and also voiced her inner question.

"The strength of the exotic beasts here is formidable. Even some high-level ones, we Kui tribe members would avoid them. Why are you personally seeking them out?" Viola was genuinely puzzled about David's intentions.

David, in response, smiled nonchalantly and answered casually, "Just hunting." He had no intention of revealing his true thoughts or the purpose of his arrival in the post-apocalyptic world to Viola.

"Hunting? Are you treating those fierce exotic beasts as prey?" Viola widened her eyes in disbelief, as she had never heard such a concept before.

David then stood up and glanced at the sky outside. "If we don't leave soon, I might have to take back the base."

Viola quickly stood up, not saying another word. She didn't want to see the base she had just acquired slip away. Accompanied by a few of her subordinates, she led David into the wasteland. π—‡πš˜π‘£π“”π“π‘›π”’xt.π‘π”¬π‘š

Currently, the wasteland world had no clear borders, and even Viola wasn't sure where its edges lay. However, it was divided into three regions.

To the east of where Viola was located was the Kui tribe's occupied area called "Kui Land," and to the west was the Zerg's stronghold, known as the "Nest of the Wasteland." To the south was an area where an unknown force resided, known as the "Dark City." Besides the names, Viola didn't have any other information about it.

After sharing this information with David, he decided to hunt within the Kui Land for now. Exploring the other two areas could wait until later, and he also had an eye on the Dark City.


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