Leveling Up Alone

Chapter 223: A Surprising Miracle (4)

Chapter 223: A Surprising Miracle (4)

‘Ah… It feels good to let them have a taste of their own medicine…’?Han-Yeol thought with a smirk.

He held a deep disdain for the TK Group and took great pleasure in messing with them whenever an opportunity arose.

While Han-Yeol was engrossed in thoughts about the TK Group, reporters and onlookers struggled to push through the soldiers. At that moment, frustration boiled over.

"Why did we have to arrive late?"

Two reporters from BMC broadcasting station grumbled, their unease evident as they realized they couldn't make their way to the front.

"I already told you we needed to move faster, senior," the taller of the two, seemingly in his twenties, complained.

"Well, I had no idea it would turn out to be such a significant scoop. I thought it was just a rumor floating around the internet... Ah, I shouldn't have spent so much time playing Overwatch last night," the short, chubby man in his thirties muttered, scratching his head in frustration.

Sigh…?So pitiful…”

Despite their apparent age difference of at least a decade, people might have found it awkward that the younger one spoke so bluntly to his senior. Surprisingly, though, both of them were merely a year apart in age, and their gap narrowed to just five months if counted by months.

Moreover, their relationship was remarkably close, akin to that of friends when they were alone together.

Tsk tsk…?Playing games all day at your age, hyung, aren't you embarrassed? I mean, you have a job, you know? How can you even consider staying up all night playing games when you have work the next day?"

Ahem…?My bad… It’s just that my clan wanted to play together… They don’t have a job, you see…”

Tsk tsk…”

The junior reporter could not help but let out a sigh. ‘What the hell is this… This could be one of the biggest scoops of the decade, but we can’t even get close…’

Lee Han-Yeol had become the focal point of attention in recent days due to his involvement in most major issues. Unfortunately, these reporters were not tasked with covering Han-Yeol.

Adding to the challenge, securing an interview with Han-Yeol proved exceedingly difficult, as he seldom left his mansion except for his hunting excursions. This contrasted sharply with how some Hunters aggressively pursued interviews and commercial deals once they achieved popularity, all in a bid to boost their earnings.

However, Han-Yeol didn't need to engage in such efforts, as he could amass an astonishing fortune whenever he pleased without actively seeking the limelight.

Recognizing the futility of making progress in their current direction, the junior reporter concluded that it was best to change course, hoping to find an alternative path.

H-Huh? W-What?! I-Is that Han-Yeol Hunter?!’?he was flabbergasted at what he saw.

“Ah… Uh… Ha… ha…”

“Huh? What’s wrong with you all of a sudden?” the senior reporter asked after seeing his junior stutter all of a sudden.


Then, he followed his junior's gaze to see what shocked him so much. His jaw dropped. “Heok!”?

That was how shocking Han-Yeol’s presence was to them.

“Ha! Ha! HAA!”


The senior reporter almost screamed, but his junior immediately covered his mouth.

Eup! Eup!”

“Shh!?It appears that we're the only ones who have spotted Han-Yeol the Hunter at the moment. This is a significant development! We must approach him, whether he's willing to speak with us or not, hyung!"

Eup! Eup!”

After a brief struggle, the senior reporter eventually nodded, comprehending his junior's point. This presented an invaluable opportunity for both of them, especially given the recent sluggishness of their work and the mounting pressure from higher-ups to secure a breakthrough.

Consider the possibilities: What if they could land an exclusive interview with the hottest global sensation, Lee Han-Yeol, at this very moment? Han-Yeol had essentially become a walking scoop, capturing the fascination of audiences not only in South Korea but across the entire world.

He was revered as the most admired Hunter in South Korea, hailed as the realest, and celebrated as the coolest among the country's Hunters. Indeed, Han-Yeol was sweeping all surveys as the most beloved Hunter in South Korea, a conclusion substantiated by extensive big data analysis.

“Let’s… Let’s go…”


The two of them carefully approached Han-Yeol while making sure that nobody saw them.


However, they were stopped not long later.

“Do not come near.”

Two of Han-Yeol's bodyguards swiftly blocked their path.

The other guards, unlike Purva who was fluent in Korean, possessed only a basic grasp of the language. They could communicate and understand to some extent, but often stuttered, spoke slowly, and struggled with pronunciation. This language barrier prompted them to default to English for official matters, as using Korean, a language they were not proficient in, might lead to judgments from others.

The Gurkha Mercenaries had served in the British army for the majority of their lives, making learning English as essential as combat training. However, this was changing gradually, as they were now being phased out.

In a voice audible to Han-Yeol but not the other reporters, the junior reporter hesitantly said, "We were hoping to request an interview with Han-Yeol Hunter-nim, if possible. Is his presence related to the recent report by KBC Broadcasting Station?"

"Hmm…" Han-Yeol considered the two reporters before him.

At that moment, Jason offered a suggestion, "Han-Yeol-nim, what if you were to grant them an interview?"

"Ah, you mean to highlight that the Cheolwon hunting ground belongs to me?"

"Yes, precisely. While I don't believe these two are seasoned reporters, they should suffice for now."

"Why not just hold a press conference instead?"

"Why bother with such a hassle and time-consuming endeavor? These two will be over the moon after scoring an exclusive interview with you, and their broadcasting station will interrupt whatever they're airing to present it as breaking news."

"Ah, I see your point…" Han-Yeol comprehended Jason's rationale and signaled Purva. 𝞰𝑜𝑽𝑬𝒍𝐍𝚎xt.𝑐𝑶𝓂

Having followed the conversation attentively, Purva knew exactly what to do. He issued orders to the other Gurkhas, granting permission for the two reporters to proceed.

“Please come over here. Han-Yeol-nim has agreed to a short interview.”


“Thank you very much!”

What did we do to deserve such a blessing?!’

Neither of them had anticipated his agreement to the interview. They had hoped, at best, to capture a few photographs of him. However, in their wildest dreams, they never imagined that Han-Yeol would actually agree to their interview request.

D-Don’t screw this up…!’?

Both of them hurried over to Han-Yeol, quickly extending a microphone just in case he had a change of heart.

Click! Click! Click! Click!?

The senior reporter skillfully took photographs, ensuring that his flash was turned off so as not to offend Han-Yeol. Meanwhile, the more reliable junior reporter initiated the interview.

"We have a few questions for you. Were you aware of the disappearance of the dimensional gate in the hunting ground when you arrived today?"

"Yes, that's correct."

"Is it true that you hunted in this area recently?"

"Yes, that's also correct. I hunted until the morning of yesterday, to be precise."

"Hmm… Could you share your thoughts on the dimensional gate's disappearance?"

This was an opportune moment for the reporters, but they were well aware that time was limited and they couldn't ask too many questions. Moreover, their own knowledge was limited to what had been reported by KBC Broadcasting Station. They hesitated to delve too deeply into discussions with Han-Yeol, partly due to the apprehension that the Gurkhas might escort them out if they pushed too far.

"Hmm… I'm actually not well-informed about the current situation. I only just heard about it in the news, so I don't have much information. However, I can state with certainty that I purchased the entire Cheolwon hunting ground merely five hours ago."

“T-That means?!”

Though the reporters might have appeared less knowledgeable, they were still part of the department responsible for Hunter affairs and had acquired an understanding of how things operated during their internships. After all, it would be inconceivable for them to cover Hunter-related topics without a grasp of the industry and its regulations, wouldn't it?

“Yes, I am currently the legal owner of the Cheolwon hunting ground, but I have no idea why there are so many people intruding on my property…”


‘T-This is huge! Experiencing this firsthand is like being a living news story... Who could have predicted that he would ignite such a frenzy once more!’

The reporters could not help but be in awe of Han-Yeol.

"And that concludes the interview," Jason interjected.

Jason was cautious, ensuring that the reporters wouldn't venture into unnecessary inquiries once their intended purpose had been fulfilled.

In a casual tone, he then continued, "This seems like quite the exclusive scoop... Perhaps you should be on your way?"

“A-Ah! Yes!”

The two reporters immediately took out their phones and called their office.

“Shall we go, Han-Yeol-nim?” Jason asked.

“Yeah, sure,” Han-Yeol replied.

Both of them casually strolled away from the reporters, with the Gurkhas taking the lead.

Only when the Gurkhas cleared a path, pushing back the other reporters, did the crowd finally take notice of Han-Yeol's presence.

“Han-Yeol Hunter-nim! It’s Han-Yeol Hunter-nim!”

“Please do a quick interview with us! PLEASE!”

“Han-Yeol Hunter-nim!”

“Are you related to the dimensional gate’s disappearance by any chance?!”

The reporters clamored loudly, resembling a brood of hungry chicks seeking sustenance from their mother hen, but Han-Yeol paid them no heed.

The Gurkhas diligently worked to maintain order and create a passage for Han-Yeol to move through. Unfortunately, the reporters outnumbered them by at least tenfold, making it a challenging task to hold them back. Moreover, these reporters were seasoned in such scenarios, persistently advancing in their quest to secure an interview with Han-Yeol.

Nonetheless, the Gurkha warriors, having undergone rigorous training, were seasoned veterans who wouldn't yield to a group of wiry reporters. They employed their strength to push back the reporters, ensuring a pathway for Han-Yeol until he reached the barricade established by the soldiers.

“Salute! Welcome, Han-Yeol Hunter-nim. What brings you here today?” the soldier asked.

Hunters occupied a higher rung on the social hierarchy than soldiers, making it customary for them to offer a salute upon encountering Han-Yeol. However, this practice was reserved for distinguished Hunters, and soldiers wouldn't extend this honor to those of lower status.

"Well, considering that I'm the proprietor of this domain now, it seems only natural for me to investigate if anything has occurred on my property," Han-Yeol remarked.

“I-I see…”

The soldiers stationed at the entrance to the Cheolwon hunting ground stood in silence, their expressions a mix of bewilderment and confusion, as they had received no prior information regarding Han-Yeol's visit.

W-What should we do…?’

The orders they had received were crystal clear: to prevent anyone from passing through. Fearing potential repercussions and disciplinary action, the soldiers were caught in a quandary. Yet, their decision was swiftly reached.

"Please refrain from committing the unwise error of obstructing a Hunter's passage. A Hunter holds the capability to reduce this entire vicinity to ashes with a mere gesture," Han-Yeol remarked.


Then, Han-Yeol slowly emitted his aura directed at the soldiers.

The prospect of Han-Yeol resorting to force against the soldiers was exceedingly implausible, given the strict prohibition outlined by international laws preventing Hunters from employing their abilities against civilians.

However, Han-Yeol possessed an arsenal of other capabilities. With his wealth, influence, connections, and every conceivable resource at his disposal, he could effortlessly orchestrate the vanishing of a soldier without leaving a trace.

“I… I will open it…”

“Good thinking,” Han-Yeol said with a gentle smile.

Han-Yeol’s aura instantly disappeared the moment the soldier agreed to open the barricade for him.

Any S Rank Hunter possessed the ability to emanate their aura, exerting pressure on others. However, Han-Yeol's aura surpassed that of the majority of S Rank Hunters by a considerable margin.


After the soldiers opened the barricade, Han-Yeol said, “Let’s go in.”

“Yes, Han-Yeol-nim!”

And so, Han-Yeol and his party gained entry into the Cheolwon hunting ground.

The captain of the soldiers manning the barricade retrieved his walkie-talkie, reluctantly preparing to transmit a message. It was a communication he wished he didn't have to make, but the gravity of the situation demanded reporting, for failure to do so could potentially lead to even greater repercussions.


“Han-Yeol Hunter has entered just now…” the captain said.

[What? Hey, you bastard! I told you not to let anyone in! Am I a joke to you?!]

'As I thought...' the captain had foreseen the impending reprimand from his superior.

The current commander overseeing the Cheolwon hunting ground was notorious for his sharp tongue and quick temper. He particularly had zero tolerance for soldiers who failed to heed his directives.

'Given the choice, I'd rather face the wrath of the commander than risk earning the ire of Han-Yeol Hunter...'


"He insisted that the Cheolwon hunting ground is his personal property. You're surely aware that we're presently occupying it without legal authority under the guise of security. Refusing him passage could have escalated into a legal dispute. Remember, we're dealing with none other than Han-Yeol Hunter, commander," the captain explained.

[Damn it…!]

While the commander had a reputation for his acerbic tongue and quick temper, he was not one to act impulsively, especially when dealing with a Hunter. This held even truer when the said Hunter happened to be Han-Yeol.

Regrettably for the commander, the current situation was far from favorable for him...


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